Biomiga Inc. is an innovative biotech research and service company based in San Diego, California. The company is the inventor of EZgeneTM and ViraTrapTM Systems. Biomiga supplies to BioAspect for distribution the highest quality laboratory products that maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness through cutting-edge technologies and processes.

  • Biomiga owns the manufacturing process, enabling the company to control both the quality of the products and prices. Biomiga's product distributed via BioAspect are reliable and effective while often costing less than half the price of other manufacturers.
  • Biomiga can customize its products to meet a client’s exact specifications and requirements.
  • Biomiga stands behind its products with a full guarantee. 
  • Biomiga emphasizes on product development. Biomiga's products have been proven to meet our clients' high demands with greater cost savings and effectiveness.  EzgeneTM and ViraTrapTM are just some examples.

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