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Beijing Yisen Biotechnology

Partnered since 2015, BioAspect has had a successful working relationship with Beijing Yisen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Yisen Bio). Located in the Beijing light industrial park (Beijing, China), Yisen Bio is an emerging high-technology company specializing in the research and development of rapid test kits, PCR and ELISA animal disease kits, food safety kits, and human disease kits.

With a focus on continuous improvement, Yisen Bio has seen both an increase in product quality and product variety. All kits have are continuously tested for quality and reproducibility, efficiency, high sensitivity, and high specificity. Yisen Bio products cover genetically modified organisms (GMO), allergens, microbes, and many more.

With the highest level and most advanced operating plant, users can rest assured that all products are manufactured properly. 

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Beijing Yisen Bio Research