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  1. Lentivirus Purification Mini Kit, 10

    Lentivirus Purification Mini Kit, 10. The ViraTrapTM lentivirus mini purification kit is designed for fast and efficient purification of recombinant lentiviruses from lentiviral-transfected cell culture supernatant. Up to 3x10^10 viral particles can be purified from cell culture media of 1 to 2 x T75 flasks. The viruses are first pelleted from viral supernatant and then further purified and concentrated through a purification column and a desalting/concentration unit. Each column can be regenerated for purifying the same lentivirus. For optimized viral binding and recovery, each column can be regenerated only once.
    Catalogue Number: BA-V1170-01 (Biomiga Product)
    Size: 10

  2. Lentivirus Purification Mini Kit, 20

    Lentivirus Purification Mini Kit, 20
    Catalogue Number: BA-V1170-02 (Biomiga Product)
    Size: 20

  3. Lentivirus Purification Maxi Kit, 4

    Lentivirus Purification Mini Kit, 4
    Catalogue Number: BA-V1270-01 (Biomiga Product)
    Size: 4

  4. Lentivirus Purification Maxi Kit, 10

    Lentivirus Purification Maxi Kit, 10
    Catalogue Number: BA-V1270-02 (Biomiga Product)
    Size: 10