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EIAab is devoted to research and development in the field of life sciences, and possess the core techniques necessary to develop innovative technologies while maintaining high quality. As the North American distributor for EIAab, BioAspect is pleased to offers unique ELISA kits, life science lab instruments and life science reagents.

All research and manufacturing processes are performed in-house by EIAab to ensure conformity to the high standards of EIAab. By maintaining a strict adherence to quality standards, EIAab is able to not only develop kits and materials that are consistently high quality, but also reduce overhead costs that plague other manufacturers.

The office and the research & development center of EIAab is located at the East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone in Wuhan province, China. The company is equipped with ultra-low temperature freezers, a blood sampling and pre-treatment center, and an experimental animal farm. All employees of EIAab possess bachelor degree at minimum with most possessing a graduate degree. With expertise covering a full range of related life sciences fields including biotechnology, biomedical science, life science, pharmacology, pharmacy, chemical engineering, agronomy, environment biology and more, you can trust that proper research was placed into the development of products.

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