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Elabscience Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Elabscience) is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology and has been a valued partner of BioAspect since 2010. Offering more than 20,000 products, Elabscience is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of research products including ELISA kits, CLIA kits, antibodies, and proteins.

With energetic and experienced research teams, professional laboratories, first-class equipment and material supplied from top bio-tech corporations, Elabscience has been committed to developing and producing a large selection of innovative reagents to provide the life science research and diagnostic community with a comprehensive, high quality protein related products. As a result of this commitment, Elabscience is able to employ strict quality control procedures to limit variations between lots are kept to a minimum.

By developing and applying innovative techniques with expertise in immunology, molecular biology and cell biology, Elabscience research areas are broad and include in vitro diagnosis, molecular markers, protein expression, food safety, drug residue, and environmental protection.

Moreover, Elabscience has established seven technical service platforms, including ELISA Customized Service, Immunoassay service, Molecular Biology Service, Protein Expression and Purification Service, Antibody Preparation Service, Cell Culture Service and Whole Research Project Service, to provide one-stop experimental service with professional knowledge, facilities and attitude.

BioAspect and Elabscience are aligned with, and responsive to, our customers’ ever-changing needs, making Elabscience a preferred discovery partner. As the premier distributor of Elabscience products in Canada, BioAspect receives all the latest promotions and new products from Elabscience.

To learn more about Elabscience or inquire about specific products, please contact us.