How to order, saving money and time.

How to order, save money and time. 

Money saving tips:

1. Order via e-mail. Send your order via e-mail: or and get 5$ back from the price of each item, immediately.

2. Order on-line and save 5$ back on each item that will be applied towards your next purchase. There is no limit and no expiry date for accumulated savings. It can be applied towards any purchase - any item from any brand and any category – that you purchase from us. Or, request a 5$ Starbucks gift card that we will include in your shipment. 

3. Save on antibodies. Participate in our Antibody Validation Program and save 60$ on each antibody item. Select what you need from more than 7000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies at deeply discounted promotional prices, place an order and try the product in your application.  Share your results with us during 60 days since your purchase date and get 60$ applied towards your next purchase.  We will send you a report template that is easy to fill in.

4. Don't miss our promotions. The prices could be 50%-90% down during promotions. Request e-mail or text promo alerts on a particular product(s) that you need. Or, request a weekly update on all promotions.  

 5. Save on shipment fee - buy several items and pay one shipping fee. We are confident in quality of the products we sell - if you are not happy with a product, we will replace it.

How to save time - use our Expedite Your Order after hours service:

Need a product urgently? Take advantage of our Expedite Your Order Service.  We will process your on-line order on the same day, 7 days a week, all year round, including holidays. Sometimes it may save your experiment!

In theory, as scientists, we all know that we have to plan ahead and prepare in advance for a new experiment.  In reality, life is sometimes hectic and many things demand our attention, at work and home. It may sometimes happen, especially in busy academic laboratories where many students work on their projects, that a product you thought you had in your fridge is not there anymore, is expired, or quantity is not sufficient for your experiment. You may realize this too late, while working in your lab in the evening, on Friday or weekend…  

We understand this, and want to help.  Order on-line, or simply e-mail your Purchase Order or your order details in the body of your e-mail: catalog number and name of the product you need, quantity, billing and shipment address, and your payment details at support@bioaspectc.comWe will process your order inot later than in 2 hours after we received your order, 7 days a week, including holidays, all year round. You will get an e-mail confirming that your order was placed.

Need to clarify something, have questions before you order?  Submit Contact Form or simply e-mail, and we will asnwer your questions ASAP.

You may have your product 2-5 days earlier, depending on the supplier’s location and time zone.   This service is complimentary. In addition, you can request a rushed delivery for a small increase in the shipping fee.

Still anxious? Request regular order status updates, shipment tracking or delivery updates sent via e-mail or text messaging, and concentrate on your work.  We are commited to provide you the service of highest quality, that you deserve.    

How to order:

Find what you need and know the price right from your computer, at your convenience. By using our SECURE PAYMENT system there are just 7 easy steps to purchase:

1. Use SEARCH box to find the product you need using key words or catalog number. Or, select a product category or supplier's name and browse through our catalogue
2. Click the product name for more information (or click "ADD TO CART")
3. Once in product page,if you wish to purchase click "ADD TO CART"
4. To amend selections, click on "VIEW YOUR CART"
5. Enter name and address information
6. Click PayPal and select payment method

And you're done. Easy and Secure. That's it! Should you encounter any issue during any step of the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here

We use GEOTRUST Extended Validation SSL certification to process our orders online to ensure that our customers details are secure.

Why to create and use your personal account:

For more personalized shopping experience, we suggest you Create Your Account. Using your account will allow you:

  1. To proceed through checkout faster
  2. Check the status of your order
  3. Keep track of your past orders and view each order details
  4. Easy re-ordering
  5. Update your account information
  6. Change password
  7. Store alternative addresses (for shipping to multiple locations)

Need help? We are here to help:  Let us know if you would like to receive tracking updates or delivery notifications for your shipment.