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Research Grade Biosimilars

Research Grade Biosimilars

BioAspect Products offers research grade biosimilars - monoclonal antibodies and Fc fusion proteins. The products are manufactured by our trusted supplier and long-term partner Absolute Antibody (UK), using the company's proprietary recombinant platform.

The growing range of research grade biosimilars available from BioAspect Products in North America includes TrastuzumabMuromonabCampath-1HRituximabInfliximabDaclizumabBasiliximabCetuximabSatumomab, Acritumomab, AbaciximabEculizumabEfalizumabClenoliximabRuplizumabMatuzumabHumicadeVolociximab and Oxelumab. 

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These research grade biosimilars are research tools for the study and evaluation of biological processes without the need to source and purchase costly therapeutic grade biologics – currently the only alternative.

As the products are free of excipients and/or additives found in the therapeutic formulations, our biosimilars require fewer extra controls in an experimental setting.

Absolute Antibody research grade biosimilars can be used as controls:

  • To benchmark novel biotherapeutics (biologics) for pre-clinical lead identification.
  • For the development of potency assays.